Pablo Esco-‘bars’.

Its 5am that boxing match dint even feel good/ a nigga fell for the hype got spongebobs and an ounce of green already high and on beast mode/roast pulled up two blocks off tryna get my fuse blown/and my drive for these women is on neutral cause when you get it they get it from you with residuals/I mean am cocky cause I can back up what am sayin, I mean look at paci blaming his loss for not getting his meds for the pain/and he lost his richest fight in the game, so imma bou to jump up in that ride and roll deep with the hommies/forget about all the pain and get paid telling a trap niggas story/but don’t confront me, wisdom of Marcus Garvey growing scheming believing in the almighty God like David when he slang the stone/am just slanging stones and piling foes on top of foes then bang they bitches/
Slaves to the money, music the only weapon to remove these chains from me/
The truth is ugly, Lord help me not put these rappers head on a shirt like the playboy bunny/
Because they shook, cause they still believe in existence of halfway crooks/
But a nigga won’t have it on this road to perdition and its about time I cut through traffic



I read a quote the other day and it mentioned something along the lines of

‘…but to live is the rarest thing in the world; most people just exist’

This got me thinking how artists should be able to lay it all on the line either to prove a point or just playin stupid and just live alil. Too many times we fight with the system, breaking ALL rules heck even slanging dope back to the same corporate mofos but when is it ever enough? Or is enough just a word to catch a break? Not surpass our unorthodox, UNTAPPED & completely unlimited power to make ground breaking strides on this earth? I don’t fuckin know either.
Though, I do believe in 3 things that every trappin nigga know from the jump
1. God
2. Family
3. Find what you love and let it kill you.
Unfortunately for some, the last step was unmistakeably they last step. R.I.P.
Thus it all comes down to this thing they call ‘the bigger picture’ and if do speak for myself, a picture is a worth a thousand words and man oh man don’t I wanna push these words in these verses…
Fuck anyone or anything hindering YOUR dream; spit in they face.

Dodger T.


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