OG.mp3 – SoundCloud Progress is a process

o like two days ago I stumbled upon this app, J&T audio and its apparently a two way recorder where if you’re an artist, its a great and convinient way to record your tings anytime, anywhere and really do wonders for you when you’re not in the studio.
Anyway, I decided to try it out and I came to find out something; my voice is wierd AF! Thats one. Two, its a wonderful way to sharpen your skills both vocally and if you love freestyling random stuff, its definitely a big plus! I made a tape that I honestly do not want to post here but I will because its about progress for an artist.


I won’t say that personally as a rapper I have mastered all the core values and essentials of this rap game. To add on, a very complex but fun genre. Though one thing for sure is if you really do have the passion then the rest follows but also after you’ve put it before the Lord. As you will see when you play the track after reading this other little piece of random but vital general knowledge to pursue in any type of career; that playing around with words is my game but am still learning everyday. Progress is a process I guess so be part of the movement and watch something never witnessed grow from ashy to CLASSY!

Dodger T.

Listen to OG.mp3 by BandzMOB Ent. #np on #SoundCloud


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