I Got A Question…?

Coincidence. ‘Remarkable concurrence of events etc, apparently by chance.’ – Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus.

By accident, chance. What does this mean? Do you even believe in ‘chance‘ or occurrences happening ‘by accident‘? Are our lives planned for before we were even thought of being or is live just a haphazard combination of energies randomly roaming around us every single freakin’ day and by some ‘luck‘, some of that  concoction spills on you? Heck the people we meet throughout our lives, form relations/ships with, invent business endeavours, leave our kids with, go clubbing and make families with, are they just random coincidences? A lesson? A blessing? Are we supposed to meet with certain people at certain levels of our lives in order to connect some loose ends be in it our careers or personal lives? Sometimes the one person you never expected to even pose a crumb of satisfactory advice, is the one who shows you the light. Think about it. It all lies in your hands. I recently encountered an occurrence of my own at one of the most crucial times of my growing career. These are just but some of the questions going through my mind every other time.
Personally, I choose to believe in God’s work. His timing is perfect and every single thing that happens in our lives is not by mistake or by accident or chance but because He has planned for everything since the moment you were formed in your mother’s womb till the moment you are put six feet under. EVERYTHING. I choose to be patient enough, however much it may break a nigga, a sister down, it pays! He never sleeps. So shouldn’t you, okay just for your rightly given 8 hours every 24. Show how bad you want it. Embrace the passion, do right by others and never stop chasing what you believe in. Every I awake, I thank God and follow this little formula of mine and let Him work; then nothing will stop me. Greatness is all I see.
So where do you stand? Do you look but don see what is right in front of you? Do you listen but do not hear your calling?
Food for thought.


Dodger T.


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