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It’s only when you begin to grow into yourself that you realize just how important the people in your life are. You see, a human being is born but a blank book. Every experience, encounter and person in your life writes a page to add onto the story of who you truly are. According to the “Six Degrees of Everything theory”, initially developed by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929;

everything and everyone is six or fewer steps away, from any other person in the world- by way of introduction  so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps

. This means that you are connected to billions of people across the world through a chain link, and everyone is more accessible to you than you think.
Our parents try or to some, tried, to mould us into self-sufficient beings who are able to cope with typical life tasks, but that doesn’t control everyone we see and everyone we meet. A child will go to school, or play with other kids in the park: what’s interesting though is that they will take away bits and pieces of history and personality. As we grow, we make friends, we make enemies, and we know people that we feel indifferent towards.
However, going about life teaches us that every single person that we come across impacts our life in more ways than one. Those that are meant to inspire us make their mark strongly in our lives. Have you ever heard the story of a little girl, who was abused, molested and ill-treated in her childhood? She felt lowly and unloved. Hell, I think she must have felt worthless and incapable of achieving anything- because of her experiences with people who broke her. One day, this little girl was walking, and an older woman stopped her and said, “Little girl, you are so beautiful, do you know that?” And from that day onwards, the girl saw herself differently, she finally felt worthy. Worthy of success, worthy of love and worthy of respect. She would then go on to build an empire much bigger and much more powerful than any other woman in her race had done before, and she would top the Forbes list time and time again. This little girl was a young Oprah Winfrey. Some people who we meet inspire us so greatly, that it would be difficult to see ourselves being the people we are/ want to be without the impact they have in our lives.
And yet there are those, who it seems have the sole purpose of breaking us. In slang terms, snakes. They may come in the form of faux friends, enemies or unfriendly strangers. They may even be family members who do a lot more hating than they do loving. The ones who tell us we can’t be whatever we want to be. The ones that say we aren’t intelligent enough, talented enough or beautiful enough. It’s important to embrace these people though, because they are only playing their role in making us who we are. Without them, without the experiences that they bring us, we wouldn’t be strong and we wouldn’t know what we know- that we are capable of overcoming difficulties and obstacles in our path.
Finally, there are those that have always been there from the start. The Day Ones. The ones that love us unconditionally. These are the people who are not afraid to tell us when we are wrong, those who can smack the sense back in our lives when we are going astray. I guess it’s safe to say that these are the most important, because they keep us on track and remain with us through rough, bumpy roads that seem to lead nowhere. Through every failure, every success and every mistake, their love and presence remains constant.
What I’m trying to say is, no single human interaction is a waste. Everyone that we meet, see or know plays a huge role and makes some sort of impact in our lives. Every experience we go through comes full circle to make us who we are and build our character.
Watch out, every around you right now and think about it for a second.


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Kirsten Kanja
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Dodger T.



So in the last post, emphasis on trusting the process was core of the post but I rounded up my mental and kept pausing at the question of now what next? What comes after that? Is it just fully dependant on only that?
One thing stands out in every aspect of growing up in any rough hood or perhaps being a very frequent and long term visitor to the same, is that one has to earn their stripes. Period. It’s the only way to go up the ranks and that means an easier more ‘less-uptight‘ life for lack of a better word. There are certain things, both good and bad that as a young black man, you gots to do to make it into different levels of life. Worse enough is that it goes without saying that in order to make that step; your guts, your limits, your evils, your fears & your beliefs will all be put to the test and stretched to extremely unimaginable measures.
Anyway, my point being; our life’s whether rich or poor, white or black, African or Bulgarian, whatever, are soo much similar to the process of trying to make it out the gutter/ghetto/neck of my woods…whatever floats your boat. Whether its a field in forensics or hospitality or even music, youve gotta go through certain counts of events, be smart about your decisions & trusting your instinct amongst others. Being highly familiar with the given situation, one valuable piece of knowledge that you only get out here is come what may, you have got to PUT IN WORK. Sounds simple, you probably assume you’re already doing alot of that everyday of your wake but did it occur to you that it just may ‘not be enough‘. Enough to be able to deal with the type of lifestyle you want you lead.

You cannot have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic


Though I don’t know who I read it from because am bad with names and shit though it’s never skipped my mind ever since, that quote, & av come to see that every f*ckn word is T.R.U.
Also, you shouldn’t sacrifice your dream for a comfort zone. Change is good, a small shift in our normal routine always amps things up in our world.
This is just for motivation and courage for those days that just dont let up.
Those days that you keep looking out to the night sky asking why and needing a sign or someone to tell you that yous the shit, that you are destined for greatness.
Keep heart. Most importantly, make prayer a habit.
P.S– Just alil something I figured I should share with y’all.


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M I N D. M A T T E R.

An ache, far more painful than the physical. It feels overwhelming, frightening yet empowering at the same time. You are so afraid  of the thought of life without it yet know deep down that things would be so much easier if you let it go. It haunts you. It’s in the mirror, in your thoughts at day and yet interrupts your sleep every night. That is what it feels like to have a dream. Your passion chooses you, and not you, it. It is a one true love that  you cannot let go of, no matter how hard you try.
It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve. There are skeptics who sneer, shrug and roll their eyes at the mention of your plans. And they will sometimes say,

“No, but really, what is your back up?”

You know that it is either this or a life of fading away into nothingness. Because this, your dream, gives you life.
And you work, everyday. Captured and enslaved by your passion. Your efforts are relentless, your attempts countless. Every time, it feels like you have taken one step forward and two back. Failing is heartbreaking, and every time an attempt is unsuccessful, it crushes you. Deep down to your very core, it tears you apart. But unlike other people, the mission remains, and you do not have the option of giving up.
This is the only way. To keep trying. To never give up. To do any and everything that can bring your dream to life. It means following in the steps of your predecessors, who always seem to say,

“I kept trying. They told me I couldn’t, but I have.”

And more importantly, you realise that your passion is beyond you. In the very way you can’t control it, you also cannot control your path towards it. The number of times you fail before you succeed are all a part of the journey, and you have to trust wholly and let it all unfold. Keeping the faith, putting in the work, and knowing that the rest is going to follow.
Finally, your sleepless nights seem to bear fruit. Your questions seem to have answers. Your blood, sweat and tears have a reward. At last. A light. Dim, far away, at the end of the tunnel. But you see it. And the steps towards that light are the happiest moments of your life.

Kirsten Kanja

He keeps trusting in the process, God first.
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Dodger T.