M I N D. M A T T E R.

An ache, far more painful than the physical. It feels overwhelming, frightening yet empowering at the same time. You are so afraid  of the thought of life without it yet know deep down that things would be so much easier if you let it go. It haunts you. It’s in the mirror, in your thoughts at day and yet interrupts your sleep every night. That is what it feels like to have a dream. Your passion chooses you, and not you, it. It is a one true love that  you cannot let go of, no matter how hard you try.
It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve. There are skeptics who sneer, shrug and roll their eyes at the mention of your plans. And they will sometimes say,

“No, but really, what is your back up?”

You know that it is either this or a life of fading away into nothingness. Because this, your dream, gives you life.
And you work, everyday. Captured and enslaved by your passion. Your efforts are relentless, your attempts countless. Every time, it feels like you have taken one step forward and two back. Failing is heartbreaking, and every time an attempt is unsuccessful, it crushes you. Deep down to your very core, it tears you apart. But unlike other people, the mission remains, and you do not have the option of giving up.
This is the only way. To keep trying. To never give up. To do any and everything that can bring your dream to life. It means following in the steps of your predecessors, who always seem to say,

“I kept trying. They told me I couldn’t, but I have.”

And more importantly, you realise that your passion is beyond you. In the very way you can’t control it, you also cannot control your path towards it. The number of times you fail before you succeed are all a part of the journey, and you have to trust wholly and let it all unfold. Keeping the faith, putting in the work, and knowing that the rest is going to follow.
Finally, your sleepless nights seem to bear fruit. Your questions seem to have answers. Your blood, sweat and tears have a reward. At last. A light. Dim, far away, at the end of the tunnel. But you see it. And the steps towards that light are the happiest moments of your life.

Kirsten Kanja

He keeps trusting in the process, God first.
Listen to Dare Me x Dodger T – take 1.mp3 by BandzMOB Ent. #np on #SoundCloud

Dodger T.



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