Failure. It’s haunting. Chilling and frightening. Like a dark cloud looming over you, carrying a wave of misery and despair to rain onto your life. As if you need it. After all the things that you’ve been through, here’s yet another hurdle to overcome. Here’s another mountain to climb. Here’s another blizzard to survive.

At a time of defeat, it’s easy to beat yourself up and feel like the fight is over. I’ve failed again. I’m tired. I might as well give up, and settle for less than what I want. You see, that’s the easy option. It is a cowardly choice. What would happen if you armoured up, shielded up, geared up and awakened the soldier in you? You would fight for what you believe in. Cry, sweat and bleed for what you truly want. And eventually, emerge victorious.

After failure, it’s important to take a step back and laugh. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at an otherwise bitter and tumultuous situation. Continuing to harbor negative thoughts will only weaken your spirit and morale. But if you put it behind you positively, you can only move forward from that point.

It’s also great to learn from your mistakes. Sure, it may not be entirely your fault, but learning to take responsibility for whatever part you did play is key in sharpening you to be a better person, and more importantly, successful at future attempts. After all, when you’ve eliminated all the wrong, you can only do right!

Then, and most certainly the part that takes most strength, character and courage: you have to try again. Imagine that you are digging for gold. The sun is burning into your skin like a flame, and your throat is painfully parched. You’ve been at it for days, non- stop. And every other minute you contemplate giving up. But you’ve dug so deep, so very deep, that if you left it at this point you would be inches away from that gold. Giving up would be like giving the gold away, after having it right on the palm of your hand.

Failure is almost as certain as death. It’s going to happen, even to the best of us. However, one important step in understanding it is realizing that it’s not about how many times you get hit, but rather about how many times you get up and start walking. Kind of like a baby learning to walk. He’ll trip and fall, cry over the passing pain and shock- but he’ll get up and try again. And that’s why the little guy will be running around all over the place in no time. Come on, be a soldier, and take what’s yours!